Bulk Email List Cleaning

Protect your sender reputation and ensure the highest inbox deliverability.

Unmatched, proprietary cleaning process.

Email Sanitizer utilizes a 20+ step proprietary cleaning process that is unmatched, checking each email up to 75 times from around the globe.

Hybrid Verification

Real-time verification is coupled with accept all detection, allowing Email Sanitizer to identify more accept all addresses than any other service.

Mail Server Validation

We perform an advanced mail server verification for user identification. Utilizing SMTP and additional proprietary methods.

Domain Health Check

Domains are checked for current live status, including parked domains and overall health. DNS & MX Validation Email servers are checked for consistency and availability.

B2B, B2C, International Email Compatible

We validate emails of all types, from small to large businesses, and all major providers from anywhere in the world. (Ex: Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)

Unmatched, proprietary cleaning process.

Start boosting your inbox placement  to increase your sales.

When it comes to email verification, we always deliver.

30% of emails go bad in just one year.
If over 10% of your emails are bad, less than 44% are delivered.

Free Scrubbing

Automatically remove duplicate emails and bad syntax at no charge prior to cleaning.

High-Risk Detection

We eliminate potentially harmful emails through our real-time process.

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